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You might have worked for a boss whose sheer mention invokes terror through your bones and your colleagues’; the kind that is boorish enough to give you nightmares. The thought of quitting has crossed your mind a couple of times, but then you remember how difficult it is to get jobs, and so you opt to stick it out. If any of these realities are true of your current life, working online may be your way out.

Online or digitally enabled work gives you the opportunity to work under your terms and earn a pretty tidy income if you have the necessary self-discipline. It presents you with the opportunity to set your own pace, choosing the number of hours and days on which to work. It also allows you to pick their clients and establish a rate that they are comfortable working with. Similarly, it does not confine one to specific physical space as long as the worker has access to the internet and electricity. You can work from anywhere. This a chance to earn good money considering that workers get paid per task.

However, these freedoms come with a high demand for self-discipline. You must do your work diligently, deliver quality work and meet your clients’ targets. Failure to honour these expectations means that you could lose your credibility and get poor customer ratings. For instance, if you’re not a morning person so to speak, it would be advisable that you figure out how to plan your work to honour your commitments.

There will be instances when you will get international clients who operate in a time zone that’s different from yours. As a diligent online worker, you would have to take the time difference into account when planning out your tasks and especially if you need to engage them on a matter.

With online work, you become your boss and must purpose to manage yourself. Remember that failure to fulfil your obligations negatively impacts your brand and devalues your reputation. There will be many opportunities for work online but one must possess a high sense of self-discipline in order to reap its fruits.


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