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Hello Reader. My name is Carol. I wish to share with you briefly about my story hoping it will inspire someone.

I graduated about 4 years ago and was very excited just like any other graduate to have finished 8.4.4 system hoping I will get a job immediately and I was lucky to get one. The only problem was the salary. Since I was a fresh graduate, I was being Paid 25,000 monthly. After tax and other  deductions, my net pay was 18,000. This directly threw me to brokeness after sorting out afew bills.

I was really tired of this and after 6 months I started looking for greener pastures. While on Facebook, I came across an advert about a new business in town where I can earn an extra income part time. This got me interested and I inquired more. I was working in Machakos and was invited for a training in Nairobi. I took a day off and attended. Everything made sense to me especially the fact that I was givena chance to become my own boss. I enrolled the same day and started my online marketing business part time. I was given simple tasks to carry out which I could do comfortably from my place of work.First month was alittle bit difficult for me as I was just catching up and trying to balance job and my part time business. I only made about Ksh6,000.

After doing the online business for 5 months, I decided to venture on it Full time since I was already making 20K monthly.The income Kept growing gradually. Today as I celebrate my 3 years in online work, am happy the business is paying not less than 80,000 weekly. This translates to over Ksh 300,000 monthly.Now I have alot of time freedom and a chance to explore the world just as I had wished since a young age.

Through my Online business, I have been able to transform my life and start other projects out there. Am also driving my first car Courtesy of the business.

The reason am Sharing this is to inspire someone out there who is looking for an opportunity to change their financial situation. Whether you are a student, jobless, graduate, working or in business, you can spend your extra 2-3 hrs daily and create a fortune online. Below are some screenshots of some of my Earnings. If you would like to try this business, Kindly whatsapp Mr Macharia Via 0726428826 with your short story. He will guide you on how to start just like the way he did to me. See you at the top.


Adan abdow mohamed · February 20, 2020 at 11:04 am

Helow mr macharia how are you please tell me how to started this global internet online please help me

    admin · February 21, 2020 at 8:17 am

    Hello. Whatsapp me Via 0726428826 for quick assistance on how to get started

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