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My name is Evans. This is my Story.

I started working as a Lab assistant immediately I finished my High school as a peer teacher before joining Campus. I was being paid 8K monthly. That was enough for me back then but I pitied the graduate teachers who were earning 5K above me and thats when I realized this world is never Fair.This helped me open up my mind to to opportunities once I joined campus.

I was introduced to Online Marketing while in my 2nd year at Technical University of Kenya(TUK) . I had some free time so I thought it wise to start making an extra coin for my upkeep in Campus.
It wasn’t all Rosy. My first 3 Months, I struggled to balance my studies and my business. I was also getting alot of ridicule from my friends who never believed in Making money online. Some started mocking me a Millionaire but I knew one day their Mocking will come to reality. Its always said the best revenge in Life is Massive Success.
My first Income after working for 1 week was Ksh 700. I was the most excited person when I received this since it made me trust and Beleive in the system. My income grew overtime and I started earning 7-10K weekly. This helped me improve my lifestyle. I could afford to dress in a designer suit while still a student. I love looking good but I knew my parents could not pay my fees and at the same time help me Look good or stylish.

1 Year later, One of my dream Came true. Owning a Super Bike. Yes I have always admired Bikers and the noise. It gave me chills and I started saving for one. The whole of my 3rd year, I could Ride myself to school in Style.

By the time I was in my 4th year, I made a commitment to drive my first car before graduation. My online business then was working magic and I was earning some good Money. Thats how I was able to save for my first Subaru Anesis KCQ.

At Technical University of Kenya

My goal is to retire young and Rich and I believe I’m in the right Industry.
My advise to everyone is that they should embrace Change or else change will change them. No one ever gets rich being employed. Its what you do on part time basis that transforms your financial life.
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Abdi yare · December 20, 2019 at 10:23 am

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Omondipaul Paul Okeyo · March 21, 2020 at 4:47 pm

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